“Flying Off the shelves”

Gar got a call from Books Upstairs to say they needed another batch of books. . When we delivered them to her yesterday, she said excitedly that copies of the book were flying off the shelves! Needless to say we are delighted to hear this from a bookstore owner who knows her stuff. If you run a bookstore and want to stock our Don’t Hug Your Mother, get in contact with us and be a great bookstore like Books Upstairs!

One thought on ““Flying Off the shelves”

  1. Congratulations on writing this book. I couldn’t put it down. The sadness was heart wrenching, although enlightened areas in family breakdowns that never get exposed. Sometimes we just don’t see things and lose everything precious, always wondering what went wrong. So much grief endured, yet through all the adversity you found your mother and she found you. The best story I’ve read on this subject, and ever hopeful my story ends the same way. Thank you.


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