Great to see more journalists raising awareness of Parental Alienation in Ireland. Today’s Wexford People.


First it was Brendan and JP, Now it is Jack and Anthony :-)

The most important thing is that the story is getting the exposure it needs to teach everybody about Parental Alienation and how the alienator doesn’t give a damn about the children, merely pawns in their game. Great article and interview.

Interview with Sheila Wiseman in Irish Times

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The real names behind Don’t Hug Your Mother

Our names are Gareth and Fintan Murphy. We originally published our book under the pen-names JP and Brendan Byrne for a number of reasons but recent events have shown us that this only served to assist those who wanted to deny the truth in our story. Therefore, in the interests of promoting truth and disabling denial, we have used our real names and that of others in the latest edition. The new edition is now available on Amazon and will soon be available in bookshops.

This new edition is made possible by all the support and kind messages we have received from the many readers of the book so far. So thank you all for helping Don’t Hug Your Mother to grow!